[about]Beginning Again

@LoeiFy 2017-03-28 06:21:23发表于 LoeiFy/Recordum AboutPortfolio

Things happen full circle for me
Like waking up from such a long dream
It never ended

So now I do what I do to get things going again
Get my life on track again
I know it's not real without your lips
But I've been working hard for so long
I want things to be right for me and you, so we can be together again
I'll be worthy of you

How did I get back to the beginning again. be there(waiting?) for you
I thought I've come so far
But I must get(put) myself together to be better for you
Every song has its start and I hear it repeating in my head
Over and over again
Like a cymbal keeping song playing
I know the reason why I keep moving places not believe in where I am
If I were to take my time to make things right...