• atom.xml contains some syntax errors, thus the crawler stops working.
    Link here: https://aotu.io/atom.xml

  • Kubuxuipfs/blog· 3 年前 bug

    Please see fs:/ipns/ipfs.io/blog on local gateway.

    @whyrusleeping confirmed that

    It should probably be issue on website.

  • RichardLittipfs/blog· 3 年前 bug

    @Porco-Rosso pointed out here that the old links to http://tinyletter.com/ipfsweekly are now broken in the old blogs. We should update them to https://tinyletter.com/ipfsnewsletter.

    Or, could we use an IPFS path and point it at the newsletter? @lgierth?

  • lgierthipfs/blog· 2 年前 bug

    All website added to IPFS need to use relative URLs. The blog has a lot of canonical https://ipfs.io URLs in it now, which breaks all other ways of accessing it apart from the canonical URL -- e.g. https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmbeQMegjb6Xv3oh5A2zQTwT69rVSVHBZxTanuoaT9yJUe works on first sight, but then all

  • 从花哨回归内容

    经历过pjblog、点点、oneblog、阿里云,由于经费的原因,还有开发精力的原因,个人动态php博客暂时停止,从折腾 走向 极简。知加也要倒闭了。


    github 还是安全的,检测我的token提交 好多次,只能用js 数组拼接的方式规避了。

    var t_arr = ['44c1', '25202eb7', 'e68181187b22c', '4caeb2c766f24d0'];

    2017.7.10 23:40 jay