• 英文书名为《Progressive Web Apps》
    我个人想将中文书命名为《PWA 实战》,原书名虽然没有 in Action 字样,但实战系列一直是Manning的标志
    编辑建议使用《PWA实战:面向下一代的Progressive Web Apps》,保留原书书名的同时提升全称关键字的搜索命中率


  • This might be intentional, but is never mentioned in the docs.

    The use case is in the repro: https://jsfiddle.net/simplesmiler/ersbymbu/

    • Component defines layout (centering with margin: 0 auto)
    • Content defines the width

    This particular use case can be solved using .modal-component > * instead o

  • The Problem

    So as we all know, HTML is case insensitive. myProp="123" gets parsed as myprop="123" and this has led to the caveat in Vue.js where you have to use my-prop="123" to refer to a prop declared in JavaScript as myProp. This bites beginners quite often.

    In addition, we also need to apply the

  • I just noticed it doesn't while revising some docs. I'm not sure if it's worth throwing a warning for.

  • With the new lifecycle hooks, we have natural pairs with beforeMount/mounted and beforeDestroy/destroyed. init and created are the exception. The name init can also cause confusion, because nothing has actually been initialized at that point in the lifecycle.

    To resolve both of these issues, I'm thi