• 本文是大名鼎鼎的雅虎前端优化规则(Yslow)的翻译。翻译并不逐字逐句,部分难以逐字翻译的被意译了,另外一些不重要的举例等也被精简。

    原文: Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site。


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    1.1 Make Fewer HTTP Requests

    Minimize HTTP Requests减少/最小化 http 请求数。


  • 一直觉得前端优化是个挺复杂的东西(可能是我比较菜 😂 ):

    1. 某些优化方向是相对/相反的,实际中并没有简单统一的规则来直接套用。比如 减少http请求外联css/js文件 就是相对的。
    2. 优化在不同平台(PC/Mobile),不同网络状况,不同协议(http/http2)等等要侧重的东西都有所不同,规则可能有所变化。
    3. 优化并不是独立的系统,可能要考虑到代码维护,可读性等等其它因素。
    4. ...
  • 时值公司全面切换到HTTPS和HTTP/2,讨论HTTP/2有了更现实的意义。以前也断断续续看了些文章,做了些了解,这里算作一个学习和总结吧。


    • HTTP/2是什么
    • 基于HTTP/2前端可以做什么优化



    HTTP/2 is a replacement for how HTTP is expressed “on the wire.” It is not a ground-up rewrite of the protocol; HTTP methods, status codes and s

  • Currently we have a somewhat flaky coffee cache.

    To make package development quicker it would be nice to apply the same caching semantics to our compilation of LESS and CSON files.

  • I'm looking at an (unminified) ~8,000 line file, and Atom stalls.

    As a reference, Ace can open and easily scroll files with ~4 million lines. I slightly worked on some optimizations when it was an issue about a year ago, but I didn't do most of the work, and don't recall the details. I vaguely recal