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Trim all the args when calling create-just cli 2 月前
Add GraphQL support to ts-loader 3 月前
Add doc on how to convert from gulp / grunt / react-scripts to just Area: Documentation 3 月前
jest should not use forceExit but needs to call jest through node API1 4 月前
.before() and .after() don't work for tasks in series/parallel2 5 月前
Templates: Build Failures Area: Build/DevExp 5 月前
Documentation Improvements Area: Documentation 5 月前
Webpack task options should be split from webpack config overrides 6 月前
Write a package-deps.json regardless of .cached() or not 6 月前
Add ergonomic way to allow recovery steps to be part of the logger.warn / error 7 月前
Use Just to build itself!! 7 月前
Add ability to pass --fix param to tslint via task1 10 月前
Warn about missing dependencies Needs: Design :thought_balloon: Package: just-scripts Type: Feature 10 月前
Document procedures for testing just and templates Area: Build/DevExp Area: Documentation 11 月前
Improve story for adding on sass support to webapp preset Needs: Design :thought_balloon: 11 月前
Upgrade to jest 24 11 月前
Passing scoped project name to `npm init just` should not result in nested folders Type: Bug :bug::bug::bug: 11 月前
Revisit how to set path of project being added/upgraded Needs: Design :thought_balloon: 11 月前
Consider moving `just.stacks` setting from package.json to a param in `addPackageTask` Needs: Discussion 🙋 11 月前
Ensure webpack error output goes to stderr Area: Build/DevExp Type: Bug :bug::bug::bug: 11 月前
Prevent jest from logging regular output to stderr Package: just-stack-*1 11 月前
Improve tslint support in templates Package: just-stack-* 11 月前
Enable tslint in just repo Area: Build/DevExp 11 月前
Add prettier support Package: just-stack-* Type: Feature 11 月前
Clarify story for modifying a task from a preset Area: Documentation Needs: Design :thought_balloon: Package: just-scripts1 11 月前
[just-task] create a scenario test framework to test out template upgrades, etc Area: Build/DevExp Type: Feature 11 月前